James De Lullington

“You take the fastest routeto work in the morning. What makes your heath and fitness goals any different?”
“Lack of confidence and self-esteem? Dissatisfiedwith how your body looks? Or simply looking for a lifestyle change?
Whether it’s one of these reasons or something else entirely, I can help you reach your goals and see real benefits in your life. My personal transformation over such a short period of time, and the effect it had on me as a person, motivates me to help others in achieving their health, lifestyle, and body goals.

While I may be young, the passion I have for the industry and the countless hours spent reading the latest scientific literature in fitness gives me an edge over many!
I know the difficulties, but more importantly I know how to overcome them – and in the quickest and healthiest ways. I made the rookie mistakes in my training, so you don’t have to in yours.

Let’s do this together!”

Areas of Expertise
■Beginner to Advanced Programme Design
■Circuit Training
■Core Strength
■Lean Muscle Development
■Nutrition Advice
■Strength Coaching
■Weight Loss & Toning

Jon Ring


29 Nov, 2018