"You get one life, let me help you to start living it to the full!"

Adam Hinchliffe

I have been working as a chef for the last 4/5 years, which has allowed me to gain inside knowledge regarding the importance of nutrition. I understand the limitations and restrictions that life can inflict and can assist and explain to my clients the quickest and best way to get your nutrition ‘locked down’ as ‘you are what you eat.’

If you wish to work out, it is also important to understand that the body is designed in the kitchen.

I had the misfortune to suffer a stroke at the beginning of 2013. It left me unable to talk, read or write. I have fought my way back to normality, so I fully understand people’s worries and stresses. I also appreciate how frustrating life can be, constantly throwing you a curved ball when you least expect it.

My passion is to help increase people’s quality of life, whether through nutrition or gym, or even better a fine balance of both…  “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” is a lesson I have learnt from first-hand

Areas of Expertise

■ Advanced/Beginner & Intermediate Programme Design
■ GP Referrals to Exercise
■ Kettlebell Training
■ Metafit Training
■ Nutrition Advice
■ Spin Training
■ Weight Loss & Toning

Uplands Sports Centre


13 Jan, 2017