Gym Membership near Tunbridge Wells or Home Gym?

Gym membership v home gym near Tunbridge Wells

With gym equipment being so affordable these days, a lot of people are choosing to set up their own home gym, while others prefer the facilities of a local gym. This article explains the benefits of both.

Advantages of Gym Membership

  • Access to expert staff that can teach you to use the gym equipment properly to get the most out of your workouts. Trainers can also teach proper form and help you to avoid injuries and maximise the effectiveness of your routine.
  • A lot of people find exercise boring, which is the main reason why they don’t stick at it, however, when surrounded with other people in the gym who share an enthusiasm for exercise, it can be motivating and encourage a person to strive a little harder.
  • With a gym membership, members are often not just limited to using the equipment. A membership can give access to many of the other gym facilities; this might include working with a personal trainer, participating in the various studio activities, or getting access to expert advice from physiotherapists or podiatrists.
  • Another key attraction of the gym is the social interaction it offers. The gym is a great way of meeting people that share the same interests that you do.

Advantages of a Home Gym

  • A home gym might be a good option for people that do not have the confidence to join a local gym or who might feel self-conscious about their shape, however, it is still a good idea to get some advice from a local gym in order to learn how to use the exercise equipment safely.
  • For some people, investing in a gym can be cost-effective alternative gym membership or leisure centre, especially if they have to travel a long way to get to the nearest facility.
  • Another reason people opt to use a home gym is the convenience; a home gym is especially beneficial for individuals that want to exercise, but are limited for time, or for people that want the freedom of being able to exercise as and when they want to.
  • Having an own home gym also offers an individual the flexibility to wear what they want to without having to adhere to a dress code.

Uplands Sports Centre is situated in the delightful village of Wadhurst in East Sussex, close to Tunbridge Wells, attached to Uplands Community College. We are a not-for-profit Centre that prides itself on being equipped with an excellent gym with state of the art exercise equipment.

We have a Studio where we hold a wide range of classes including Aerobics, Zumba, Spin, Metafit and Pilates. A Sports Hall that is available for clubs and children’s parties. We also have a treatment room, on site, that offers specialist treatments including beauty treatments, Podiatry and Osteopathy.

Check out our website on or call us on 01892782136

Uplands Sports Centre


12 Feb, 2015